You Are Invited To Join Us At The


28th Annual Convention

[Tuesday, August 29 to Monday, September 4, 2000]

We invite you to join the International Primal Association 28th Annual Convention. This year, our goal is to recognize many healing modalities, using new techniques in primal work to build our community, enhance our individual lives and share our “Healing Visions.”

Primal process and deep feeling work lead to emotional healing which promotes authentic being, loving, growing and wholeness. In keeping with this, we have designed the program as a "medicine wheel" of topics: Birth & Beginnings, Relationships & Communication, Creativity & Movement, Transpersonal & Ethical. These encompass physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions, and proceed metaphorically as sunrise flows through sunset to sunrise again.

In the IPA, we practice on the frontier of human experience. We step into the unknown and report our findings to each other and the rest of society. The established disciplines - from psychology and medicine to philosophy and religion - are all affected and benefit from the work we share at this unique gathering of presenters and participants from across the continent and the world.

Express, learn and enjoy. Be a part of the healing vision.

Wayne Carr, Ph.D. and Denise Kline, J.D.
Co-chairpersons, IPA Convention 2000

Who We Are

The International Primal Association, founded in 1973, is an organization and community of professionals and lay persons dedicated to the experience, exploration, education, research and promotion of deep feeling therapies, personal expression and growth.

IPA business is conducted by an elected Board of Directors and the welcome input and involvement of all members. We are a fully volunteer, community-driven organization.

To contact the IPA:

c/o Leonard Rosenbaum
4220 Alton Place NW
Washington, DC, 20016


Psychodramatic Bodywork® with Susan Aaron

In an experiential keynote workshop, Susan Aaron will present Psychodramatic Bodywork®, her wholistic approach to therapeutic intervention that integrates cognitive, emotional and body awareness. Susan will discuss how bodywork with specific meridian points can enhance primal-type work, and will feature a new approach to personality styles based on blockages. A thorough demonstration will allow for individual, group, and pair facilitation. Susan will also present Sociometry, which enables each of us to find our place in relation to others .

Susan Aaron is a certified Director of Psychodrama, a clinical member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, and a bodywork psychotherapist in Toronto. She is the creator of Psychodramatic Bodywork® Training which has effectively trained professionals since 1990. Susan provides clinical supervision to individuals, groups and agencies and also writes, produces videos, consults and conducts workshops in Canada and the United States.


Situated on 176 acres in rural southern New Jersey, Appel Farm
(See map)
is a multidisciplinary arts and conference center for education and creative self-exploration. For 17 years, this unique, rustic setting has been the perfect home for the IPA Annual Convention.

Originally a working farm, the center incorporates a variety of buildings with spaces equipped for workshops of all kinds - dance, drama, art, music, discussion and emotional expression - including a world-class 500-seat theatre. Between workshops, enjoy the swimming pool and sauna, play on the softball field, tennis, basketball, or volleyball courts, or explore the expansive grounds and surrounding woods.

Dormitory-style accommodations are informal, and sleep 6 to 10 guests. Private and wheelchair accessible rooms are also available. Excellent farm-fresh meals feature produce from the organic garden and generous servings with vegetarian options.

For more about Appel Farm, visit


Massage & Mind-Bodywork. Jean Rashkind, Marie Regis, Teresa Smelzer and others offer their services at the low convention rate of $40/hour. Treatment modalities include Alexander, Craniosacral, Amma, Hawaiian, Reiki and more. Early morning yoga class will be lead by Teresa.

Women’s Group & Men’s Group. After breakfast, gather with your sex to share thoughts, feelings, contact and ceremony.

Mat Track. Connect and express your deep feelings in a daily primal group hosted by experienced facilitators.

Community Meeting. After supper, the entire community gathers to meet newcomers, discuss convention news and review the schedule of events.

Evening Peer Groups. Share the events and feelings of your day within a small group setting.

Jungian Sandplay Room. Create a scene froyour unconscious with items from Bill Smuckler’s extraordinary sandplay collection.


Saturday Night Cabaret. A chance to get on stage and “do your thing” with a supportive audience!

Sunday Night Dance Party. Move to the groove of Noah Zidel, the IPA’s own professional DJ, for an evening of fun and music.

IPA Annual General Meeting. An opportunity for all members to discuss and vote on IPA issues, and elect officers to the Executive and Board of Directors. Nominations Friday, elections Monday.


New workshops are still in development. Programme is subject to change without notice.

The East - Birth & Beginnings

What Is Primal? Larry King, of the Primal Integration Center of NYC. An introduction to the theory and practice of primal psychotherapy. Wednesday. How Birth Trauma Effects Life with Mary Thompson M.S., of Temple University and Barbara Bryan, M.A., of the Primal Integration Center of Michigan. Deepen your understanding of how shock and trauma at birth create prototypes for later dysfunctional behavior.

May's Landing Pool Party. Join Barbara Bryan, M.A., in the pool for exercises developed by Bill Swartley to explore prenatal and other provocative personal/transpersonal experiences.

Wednesday. Softball: Playing in the Present and The Past with Larry Schumer. Join in our annual primal ball game, an opportunity to connect with your inner little-leaguer for fun and feelings.


The South - Relationships & Communications

The ARK Reunion with Barbara Bryan, Mary Thompson, Joe Sanders and a host of veteran Arkites! The Ark is a unique, 40-day intensive training that has influenced the Primal community since the Seventies. All Ark participants, past, present and future are invited to celebrate!

Communications Skills to Enhance All Relationships with Wayne Carr, Ph.D. As a Gestalt and Primal therapist, Wayne offers new and innovative tools such as fair fighting and radical honesty to clarify communication and build community. Wednesday.

Gestalt Chair Exercise with Linda Marks, N.I.P. therapist. An opportunity to work or witness within this classic Gestalt Therapy structure.

Developmental Transformations Playshop.

Jana Smith invites you to enjoy a drama playspace. Using sound, movement, imagery and role, personal and group images are explored in a playful and supportive atmosphere. Friday.

Transforming Transference with Larry King, of the Primal Integration Center of NYC.

Transform lose-lose situations into surprising win-win experiences, and angry feelings into therapy breakthroughs.

Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling Bill Whitesell. includes techniques that can be used with primal - listening; gathering free attention; scanning and releasing hurtful feelings; affirmations that counter external and internalized oppression.

New Identity Process. This experiential workshop offers techniques for the expression of blocked anger, fear and pain, and offers opportunities for deep communication and bonding. Sunday.

Conflict Resolution with George Rynick, M.Div., Th.M. A co-founder of N.I.P., known for sensitive yet deep techniques, George offers an approach to conflict resolution and anger release. Sunday.

The West - Creativity & Movement

Theater of Healing. Alec Rubin, primal pioneer and cofounder of the IPA, guides you into your body and feelings to work individually, in interaction with others and creative performance structures. Sunday.

Painting, Play and Your Story. Join Yvonne Parma, M.Ed., L.M.H.C., for an experiential, creative format for sharing transformation stories where you can be actor, musician, painter, storyteller or audience.

Dance Your Primal Process with Sharon Kane. Following the essence of the Authentic Movement form, participants are encouraged to allow primal feelings to express themselves in a dance of the whole person.

Primal Blues. Steve Austill M.Div. and Fred Zielke, Ph.D. present The Blues, a classic form through which generations have sung out their hopes and disappointments in living and loving. Feel and sing from your soul. Friday.

In Search of the Feminine in Each of Us. Johanne Hamel, Montreal art therapist, offers a lecture/workshop that explores the realm of the Goddess in our feelings, thoughts, art and movement.

Connecting to Your Inner Movement with Sharon Kane. The workshop will progress from spontaneous individual movement to the Impulse Energy created between movement partners.

Seasons of Our Lives - Late Summer. Carlos Durana, Virginia acupuncturist and counselor, combines East/West methods from Gigong to mat work and Continuum. Explore emotions and personal energy fields to enhance centering, nurturing, boundaries and compassion. Friday.

The North - Transpersonal & Ethical

Remote Viewing and the Locus of Attention on the Primal Self. Wayne Carr, Ph.D. combines centering and healing skills for a new direction and depth in your primal work and personal experience.

Healing Integration & Primal Zen. Sam Turton introduces a healing approach that integrates the perceptual, emotional, physical, social, and global aspects of our lives. Experience the integration of Zen attention and Primal feeling.

Embodying the Self. Mickey Judkovics draws from his background in Primal, NIP, Reichian Therapy, NLP, and Gestalt to explore the body as a means to healing traumas, reclaiming our sexuality and experiencing our spiritual nature.

The Boston Common: 1774 and Today. Steve Austill M.Div., will encourage the citizenry of the IPA to follow those who spoke for Liberty and Justice. Step up on a soap box and speak out your truth! Wednesday & Thursday.

Metaphoric Healing. With Mickey Judkovics. Using the “Clean Language” techniques of David Grove, Mickey explores internal metaphors which access all four effects of trauma: shock, fragmentation, dissociation and introjection.

Eclecticism and Creativity In Healing the Heart and Soul. Diane Alther, C.S.W., P.C. draws on her background in Karuna, Reiki, EMDR, hypnosis, past-life therapy and meditation to present an experience in eclectic healing.

Self Realization Workshop. Robert Alther will present "Circle 5" techniques that process and transform feelings of anger, fear and self-pity to those of inspiration and love. Sunday.


From the north: New Jersey Turnpike South to Exit #2; Rt. 322 east to Rt. 45; south on 45 to Rt. 77 at Mullica Hill; Rt. 77 south past US 40 East for 3.3 miles to the flashing light at the Shirley Road. Turn left, 2 miles to Appel Farm, 457 Shirley Road.

From the south: US 295 over the Delaware Memorial Bridge to Rt. 40 East, then Rt. 77 south for 3.3 miles to the flashing light at the Shirley Road. Turn left, 2 miles to Appel Farm.

Transportation Arrangements: Contact Leonard Rosenbaum (1-800-Leonard or (202)393-2885, E-Mail Address for info on limo service or local/NJ bus service originating in PA or NYC. If you require pick-up, please let us know your estimated time of arrival in advance, preferably by August 20. On-site cell number 1-888-540-6085.

It is now very easy to get to Appel Farm by bus.
  • Coming from the Philadelphia Airport (or by Amtrack to the 30th Street Station), take the SEPTA #R1 train (the Airport Line, from any terminal, $6), to the MARKET EAST STATION (near Greyhound Bus Terminal), about 25 minutes.
  • By bus, go to the Greyhound Bus Terminal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or Camden, New Jersey, ask for NEW JERSEY TRANSIT BUS #410 (to Bridgeton, NJ) $6, and get off at PITTSGROVE/NJ 40 CIRCLE (about one and a half hours), and call from the Wa-Wa: 1-888-540-6085, (wait for an answer) and we will pick you up.

Call the following for schedules and further information:
  • Greyhound, National: 1-800-231-2222. (New York to Camden: $20)
  • Greyhound, Philadelphia: 1001 Filbert St. (Near 10th St. & Market): 1-215-931-4035.

  • Greyhound, Camden/Walter Rand Transportation Center: 1-856-963-1262. SEPTA: 1-215-580-7800. The Airport train runs about every half-hour.
  • New Jersey Transit: 1-215-569-3752. The #410 bus runs about every hour.

Fees and Registration


*Weekend Only (Regular) $330 (Early)$280
(includes Friday 2 pm to Sunday 5 pm)

Listed prices are for members. Non-members add $30. Early Bird rates before August 10. Registration fee includes food, lodging, all workshops, activities & use of the Appel Farm facilities. Blanket, pillows, and mattress provided. Bring linens or rent a set for $10. Newcomers One-Time Discount Day: $75 (no lodging). Newcomers Welcome Discount: $15 off per person, per multi-day package. Non-U.S. Discount: Registrants outside of the continental U.S. deduct 20%. Children: free up to 7 years; discount for 8 - 17 years. Call for fees and childcare info. Tenting on grounds: same fees apply. Off-site lodging: deduct $25/day/person. CEUs: Call for more information. Payments & Refunds: Send no deposits. All fees payable in full, US funds only. Refunds made minus cancellation fee, if written notification postmarked on or before August 10, 2000.




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Send to: IPA, c/o Sharon Kane, 18 Cedar Hill Rd., Ashland, MA 01721, USA

To pay by credit card call toll-free number below, and have above information, credit card # and expiration date ready.

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call: Toll-Free: 1-877-PRIMALS or (248)478-5559
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