Using Breathwork With Panacea!

By Jeff Miller

In order to overcome some of my own difficulties with the tracing process, I have developed a method that may be of interest to some. It involves a specific breathing technique used in conjunction with PANACEA!’s tracing process.

When tracing a specific body state, I would often find that the combining or original event would not seem to come up fully. I would trace until I no longer felt the feeling or the combination. I would then trace up to a certain age where I would ‘sort of’ feel the feeling again. At this point I would not be able to get the event to come up fully.

I tried many methods, some more successful than others. Using a partner has helped somewhat. The partner would use physical tests, as described in Doyle’s book, to sort of help invoke the event to begin. I still found, however, that I was often not able to bring up the ‘intensity’ I suspected was there.

I began to experiment with making the ‘sound’ of the emotion when I was trying to relive an event. This proved particularly effective with anger traces. In addition to making the sound, I would continue the sound till the end of my breath. Then I would take another breath as deep as possible. The process would continue until the feelings of the event began to come out full force. At that point I would relive the event.

The breathing is not necessarily part of the event. It’s a trick. It can also be used to ‘re-start’ the event if the intensity dies down. Very deep abdominal breathing works best. The idea is to bring in as much air as possible and make the sound till the VERY END. The sound may change during the process -- that’s OK. You may wish to have a partner present if you fear loss of control may result. This has not happened to me. I have gotten a little dizzy, felt as if I was GOING to pass out, and gotten real sick (vomiting). These were, however, parts of the relived events.

This method is EXTREMELY PHYSICALLY TAXING! I would not recommend that anybody with a serious health condition use this method without first consulting a physician. It is unknown to me at this time if this method is physically dangerous to people with heart conditions, asthma, or other serious ailments. So. . .consider this fair warning!

Similar to ‘holotropic’ breathwork, I believe this method works to ease the mind into fully reliving the event. Holotropic Breathwork was developed by Stanislav Grof M.D. There are a multitude of books available on holotropic breathwork and other breathing methods. The internet also contains several sites that may be of interest.


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